SUV ends up in family pool

An SUV ends up in a family pool. Picture: Supplied

An SUV ends up in a family pool. Picture: Supplied

Paramedics who were called out to an accident scene in Roosevelt Park, Johannesburg, on Friday morning, were surprised to find an SUV in a swimming pool at a residence.

ER24 spokesperson Russel Meiring said it is reported that the SUV and a light motor vehicle collided at the intersection of Fifth and Pieter Wenning Road in Roosevelt Park.

Apparently, the crash caused the SUV to go through the fence and come to rest in the swimming pool. Paramedics assessed the driver of the light motor vehicle and SUV.

Fortunately both drivers escaped without injury, Meiring said. No-one from the residence sustained any injuries.
Local authorities were on scene for further investigations.

In a separate incident, a peculiar incident happened in KwaMakhutha township, south of Durban, when a car “flew” into a house  yesterday.

According to ER24 paramedics, when they arrived on the scene they found nobody was injured. Witnesses in the area said “the car was flying”, South Coast Sun reported.

“One person who was sleeping in the house was woken up by the car falling on the house,” ER24 spokesperson Pieter Rossouw said.

The driver of the vehicle explained he drove over a “ramp” of some sort, which led him to crash into the house.


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