Fake Mmusi make rounds on Twitter

Screenshot of the account.

Screenshot of the account.

@MmusiMaimane_, is a Twitter handle masquerading as Democratic Alliance leader Mmusi Maimane’s @MmusiMaimane Twitter handle.

The person behind what appears to be a fake account of Maimane is so professional that you wouldn’t tell the difference. Last month, the very same account caused a fight when it tweeted: “I am the older and rich version of Wits SRC former president Mcebo Dlamini. I’m too fearless! That’s how I can describe myself!!”

Unaware that it may be a fake account, Wits SRC former president Mcebo Dlamini responded: “the reason why Mmusi can’t be me is because he loves white bodies more than Black People….”

That’s how Maimane got persecuted for a Twitter account he may have no knowledge of. The owner of the account seems to have a full understanding of Maimane’s background. Today the account tweeted:


The account continues to enjoy responses from people who are not aware that it could be a fake account.

We compiled some tweets from this account:










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