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8 Jun 2015
4:46 pm

Father and son die of smoke inhalation


A father and his son died in Delareyville after inhaling toxic smoke, North West police said on Monday.

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“A 53-year-old father and his son died of smoke from a fire which was made from coal on Saturday,” said police spokesperson Colonel Sabata Mokgwabone.

He said the police were concerned about cases of inquest reported during this time of the year where people die as a result of fire.

“It is apparent that the fire, in some of those cases could have been caused by negligence of the occupants. The community is advised to exercise caution as some these fires could be by smoking, frayed electrical cords, overloading electrical plugs, short circuited plugs, poor storage of the flammable liquids and chemicals and unattended candles left burning.”

He said home fires were also likely to have been caused by careless smokers.

“In some instances, a person would drop a cigarette on furniture or carpeting. It smoulders for hours and by the time it bursts into flame, family members are usually asleep.”

Police said several cases had been reported including that of a 60-year-old man who was found dead with his feet burnt on Thursday, in Wolmaransstad.

In Klipgat a man was found burnt to death. The cause of the fire was suspected to be a candle which fell over.

In all cases, police were investigating inquest dockets.