Valeska Abreu
2 minute read
8 Jun 2015
1:19 pm

Judgement reserved for Marikana report release date

Valeska Abreu

Advocate Dali Mpofu has argued in the High Court in Pretoria that those affected by the Marikana massacre have the right to know what's contained in the report, immediately.

FILE PICTURE: Advocate Dali Mpofu. Picture: Tracy Lee Stark


Judgment has been reserved in the urgent application to compel President Jacob Zuma to release the Marikana report.

Earlier today, Zuma’s legal counsel said the President would release the report on 30 June. This after the Socio-Economic Rights Institution representing the families of the victims requested a definite date on which the report would be released.

But Zuma’s counsel now says the report might be ready before then. His legal representative told the court that they could agree to 48 hours’ notice to the families before releasing the report. It’s not yet clear when exactly Judge Neil Tuchan will deliver his judgment

Mpofu says a delay in the matter is unfair towards the miners and widows.

The court is hearing an urgent application for Judge Ian Farlam’s report to be released immediately.

President Jacob Zuma had last month committed to release the report by 30 June.

Mpofu is representing the miners, who along with Amcu have brought forward the application.

The court room is filled to capacity with people sitting squashed together in the public galley as well as on the floor in the front.

Mpofu has argued that miners have lost faith in Zuma and don’t believe he will release the report.

“The report will bring closure to widows and families of victims. Is there justification to refuse to release the report? The only reason given is that the President is busy,” said Mpofu.

He argues that the three month Zuma is taking to “apply his mind” to the report is irrational.

“Mandela released the TRC report immediately after it was handed to him. We are not denying that Zuma have access to the report and study it but the time frame is irrational.”

Counsel for Zuma is now launching their arguments.

SC Hilton Epstein has argued that Zuma has never said the report will not be released and that its just three weeks. He has also said that Zuma has said by the 30 June but the President could release the report before then.