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28 May 2015
12:31 pm

Two decomposing bodies found in Rustenburg


Two decomposing bodies have been found in Kroondal near Rustenburg, North West police said on Thursday.

Picture: Thinkstock

Captain Paul Ramaloko said security officers from a nearby mine were chasing alleged copper cable suspects in the bush when they discovered the first body on Wednesday. It was of an African man, aged between 23 and 30, it appeared to have been thrown in a hole.

“The deceased, who’s neck, legs and hands were tied from the back with a belt and a rope, was wearing brown pants; green pants and had no shoes on.

“While at the scene, the police decided to search the whole area for more clues and that’s when another gruesome discovery was made. Another body with hands and legs tied from behind was discovered about 100 metres from the first one,” Ramaloko said.

He said the second body was suspected to be of a 39-year-old taxi driver who went missing in May from Kroondal.

“The police further found a single bullet cartridge next to the body. Both bodies were decomposed and investigations are continuing. At this stage we cannot link the two murders nor associate them to taxi violence.”