UPDATE: Investigations after caregiver assaults woman

Investigations are continuing after an elderly woman was assaulted by her caregiver in East London.

“An independent investigation has been conducted by the Berea Gardens Retirement Foundation, which manages Lily Kirchmann. All systems and procedures have been reviewed; all staff and residents have been kept abreast of developments; the perpetrator’s name was sent to all retirement homes in the area; criminal charges were laid against her,” said the Foundation’s executive director, Mike Schulze.

Schulze added the department of social development also launched an investigation into the assault of the victim, Hope Shepherd, 84.

“We were unable to establish the motives of the perpetrator, as she resigned immediately upon being confronted,” said Schulze.

Police spokesperson Captain Mluleki Mbi said the accused, Ncediswa Mkenkcele, 40, appeared in the East London Magistrates’ court on May 5 to face assault charges with intent to cause grievous bodily harm. The case was postponed to June 6 for a formal bail application.

This after video footage emerged showing the chronically ill pensioner, Shepherd, being grabbed by the accused and shoved on to the bed.

Shortly afterwards, Shepherd, is seen eating when the caregiver stands up and shoves her on to the bed again. Then the caregiver repeatedly punches and kicks Shepherd.

Warning: Not for sensitive viewers:

Shepherd is seen trying to fight back, but the caregiver overpowered her, continuing to beat her. Mkenkcele was released on a warning. Police will investigate the matter further, added Mbi.

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