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I am relieved I am no longer DA leader – Zille

Helen Zille. Picture: Alaister Russell

Helen Zille. Picture: Alaister Russell

Outgoing DA leader Helen Zille has vowed that she will continue to be involved in the DA.

Speaking to The Citizen at the DA’s congress in Boardwalk convention centre today Zille said: “I will campaign for the DA, I will do what the new leadership would like me to do without trying to lead from the behind and interfering.”

Zille said she will be there to support and help the party. “I will be there to work for the course that I have worked so much for the whole of my life,” Zille said. “But if you are in the leadership position the buck stops with you.” Zille said she was “relieved” that she was longer DA leader.

“Tough decisions are no longer going to land on my desk anymore,” Zille said. “This will give more time to do my work as the Western Cape premier and to spend time with my family.

“When you get out of the position you love dearly there is always a mix of emotions.” When asked who she voted for, Zille said: “I am great believer in the secrecy of people’s vote.”

Meanwhile, the voting for the DA’s top leadership has just been completed. DA congress presiding officer Penny Tainton said: “We are in the process now of counting all the votes. “We will not announce that the elections were free and fair until we have completed the counting process.”

Tainton said the voting process was “fantasic” and there were no problems.”About 1200 delegates casted their votes,” said Tainton. “The ballot boxes have been sealed and will not be moved to the counting room.”

The results are expected to be announced at 13H00. DA parliamentary leader Mmusi Maimane and party federal chairperson Wilmot James are vying for the party’s leadership position. Eastern Cape

DA leader Athol Trollip, MP Makashule Gana and Western Cape Legislature member Masizole Mnqasela contested for the federal chairperson’s position.

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