SIU acting head still active

The Special Investigating Unit (SIU) denied a rumour on Thursday that it was without a leader for September.

“The acting head adv. [Nomvula] Mokhatla is still firmly in charge of the unit until adv. Vas Soni takes over in October 2013,” SIU spokesman Boy Ndlala said.

“She has been carrying out her responsibilities as normal since adv. Soni was appointed. She will make herself available for any request for engagement with adv Soni when he takes [up] his post.”

Democratic Alliance MP Debbie Schafer claimed on Thursday that the unit had been left to “languish” until Soni took up his position on October 1.

“We have been reliably informed that adv. Mokhatla made a hasty exit on Friday, and that Faiek Davids was acting until Sunday, but that at the moment, nobody seems to know who is running the SIU,” she said.

Schafer said it was crucial that the public and SIU staff were informed of who was heading the unit.

Ndala said the DA was “misinformed and misled”.

“The allegations made are false. On Friday Mokhatla was at the office until end of business. She addressed some members of staff to thank them for their support and asked that they continue supporting the new head.”

Ndala said Mokhatla wished Soni well in his new position and hoped he received support from all South Africans.