Kempton Park SPCA gives goslings wings

WITH the help of the SPCA's

WITH the help of the SPCA's "wings" this geese family managed to get to the Norkem Park pan. Picture: supplied

City life can pose hazards for our feathered friends, but if a helping hand is around, any problem can be solved. This rings true for a goose family, including three goslings, when their “wings” arrived in the form of William Mzimba of Kempton Park SPCA.

Trying to find their way to the Norkem Park pan next to the P91 provincial road, they casually wandered into Debbie Groenewald’s complex.

“We live next to the P91 and the geese were trying to get to the water, but the little ones can’t fly yet,” she said.

With a high wall, electric fencing and the busy P91 in their way, there was no way this family was going to make it to the water.

Groenewald called the SPCA’s emergency cell number. Mzimba answered, listened to her story and little over half-an-hour later, he arrived at the complex.

“William caught only the little ones. The mom and dad flew away, but you could see them circling the area,” she said.

Mzimba put them in a cage with a blanket in the back of the SPCA bakkie and drove to the pan. There he took the cage out, waited for the parents to come closer and then opened the cage for the babies to be joined by their parents.

“About 20 minutes later William phoned to tell me the whole family was swimming together.

“I was sad when they took the babies only, because you could see the parents stayed close. But well done to William and the SPCA,” Groenewald said.

– CNS.

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