Ingé Lamprecht
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24 Apr 2015
7:30 am

‘Put truth about SARS to parly’

Ingé Lamprecht

Former spokesperson of the SA Revenue Service (Sars), Adrian Lackay, has appealed to chairpersons of standing committees of parliament to also consider a "true version" of the events that have been unfolding at the Receiver.

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In a letter to Yunus Carrim, chairperson of the standing committee on finance and Cornelia September, chairperson of the joint standing committee on intelligence, Lackay said it would be in their interests to engage with Sars and request they get former deputy commissioner Ivan Pillay, his former special advisor Yolisa Pikie, former head of strategic planning and risk Pete Richer, executive in charge of investigations and enforcement Johann van Loggerenberg to make submissions to the committees.

“We would all be failing in our collective responsibility towards the fiscal future of our country if these matters are not properly interrogated,” Lackay wrote.

The letter is dated March 24, 2015, but the DA has been unable to table it in parliament this week.

Lackay resigned from Sars in February after 11 years there. His resignation followed the suspensions and/or resignations of several high level officials at Sars.

Sars has been immersed in controversy since last year amid media reports on allegations of a rogue unit operating within the organisation, spy activities and the operation of a brothel.

In his letter Lackay says Sars undertook three separate investigations into matters related to the allegations, which he believes were inadequate, as key individuals were not given a right of reply.

Tom Moyane was appointed Sars commissioner in September last year. Lackay said during the latter part of 2014 the commissioner caused him to issue statements to the media and it later became apparent to him that such public statements contained false and incorrect information.

“Key facts I was in possession of, or came to be aware of in my time at Sars relating to the matters at hand were being ignored deliberately, adapted to advance a particular narrative and which were used as basis to effectively muzzle, frustrate, victimise and suspend key officials,” he writes.

Lackay has instituted labour proceedings against Sars on the basis he was constructively dismissed. Luther Lebelo, executive: employment relations at Sars, said Sars did not receive Lackay’s letter, that he was not instructed by Moyane to perform any illegal action, and therefore the allegations were “grossly mute”.

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