Stephen Selaluke
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24 Apr 2015
6:00 am

Meet Kyle Todd, the 11-year-old white sangoma

Stephen Selaluke

Meet Kyle Todd, one of South Africa’s youngest qualified white sangomas from Pretoria.

Kyle Todd, now known as Frank Marshall (11) a mlungu sangoma (white traditional healer), is pictured. Pic: Rekord East

According to Todd, 11, his journey to becoming a traditional healer started with him having inexplicable dreams a couple of years ago, Rekord East reported.

“An old man would come into my dreams and teach me about the bones and medicines. At other times, it was a young black sangoma teaching me how to read the bones too,” he said.

One day, he woke up and asked his parents to accompany him to the east of Pretoria. Driving without knowing where they were heading, they ended up in the township of Mamelodi. When they got to Mamelodi, Kyle Todd started directing his parents to the house of the young sangoma who would later train him. The British-born Todd then completed his training in October last year and is now known as Frank Marshall.

“I was not scared to do the training, as the old man told me in my dreams that everything will be fine, and I gladly accepted the calling,” he added. Todd has since helped more than 60 patients, including children and an identified famous soccer player.

“Kyle Todd is doing very well as a sangoma, and he could see things before they happen. He once told me a very important person will die, and the next thing Nelson Mandela passed away. He has helped so many patients,” his trainer, Solomon Mathebula, said.

Kyle’s parents, Chantal and Michael Todd said they had supported him throughout his training sessions and when he told them he wanted to become a full-time sangoma, as it came as no surprise.

“I used to visit a farm in KwaZulu-Natal when I was 10 years old and always got on well with the owner, Frank Marshall, who through the bones [we] have found also believed in the traditional healing methods of sangomas,” his father said.

Although a practising traditional healer, Todd is said to be performing well in school and dreams of one day becoming a racer.

– Caxton News Service