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17 Apr 2015
1:30 pm

Three suspected car jammers arrested in Durban

CNS Reporter

Three suspected car jammers have been arrested after they allegedly robbed a man of his phone using a jamming device in Durban North.

The suspects were found with six phones, an envelope of sim cards, a bundle of bank cards and a toy handgun. Pic: Northglen News

Durban North police communications officer Lieutenant Raymond Deokaran said police officers spotted the suspicious vehicle along Broadway Road and decided to pull it over yesterday. While the car was being searched, a resident who had parked further up came to the officers to report that his phone had been stolen, Northglen News reported.

The officers then found the victim’s phone and six other phones, a bundle of bank cards, an envelope containing 20 SIM cards and a toy gun, added Deokaran.

“We are trying to link the suspects to other robbery cases, and at this stage, it is unclear whether the suspects are behind a number of card swapping cases in the Durban North area,” he said.

The suspects will be charged with theft.

This after Lydenburg police in Mpumalanga warned the public of what seems to be a growing trend of car-remote jamming at local shopping centres.

Lydenburg police spokesperson Sergeant Elizabeth Selwaletau Magoa said criminals used regular remote controls to interfere with vehicles. The remotes are set at the same frequency as the vehicles’ and therefore can jam the frequency, preventing the electronic central-locking system from operating successfully.

Magoa urged motorists using remotes to ensure they physically check if their cars are locked when they leave their vehicles in the parking areas.

CCTV footage shows a suspect walking towards a car and opening the door on the driver’s side.

Shortly afterwards, a getaway vehicle pulls over, and the suspect is seen getting in it.

The victim, Michelle Schreuder Rankin, said the suspects jammed her car’s locks with a remote control and stole her cellphone at the service station on the corner of Mimosa Street and Ruhama Avenue in Wilropark last week.

– Caxton News Service