Noluthando Mdayi
1 minute read
17 Apr 2015
11:43 am

Jeppestown remains tense following xenophobic violence

Noluthando Mdayi

Jeppestown is still tense following a night of xenophobic violence. 

Remnants of looting in Jeppestown, Johannesburg on Thursday night. Picture: Darsha Indrajith

A number of vehicles were torched in the early hours of the morning and shops of foreign nationals were vandalised and looted. Some foreign nationals sought refuge at the Cleveland police station.

Only a few shops have opened for business while many are shut closed with their owners standing around their shops, waiting in suspense not knowing what may transpire.

While some locals in Jeppestown were overhead saying they will continue to attack foreign nationals and have blocked roads with rocks.

The group of South Africans believe the government has failed them for not attending to their complaints claiming that foreign nationals should leave the because they are taking away their jobs, accommodation and are ‘bringing drugs into the country’.

However many South Africans have expressed disgust and embarrassment over the attacks of foreign nationals and are standing against xenophobia, pledging to never take part in these attacks.

Various radio stations have reported that 12 people were arrested following the overnight violence, with police resorting to using teargas and rubber bullets to disperse the crowds.

WATCH: Foreign nationals speak to the media following a night of violence in Jeppestown.

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