Mother and son reunited after 18 years

Deon Dekker is pictured. Pic: Krugersdorp News

Deon Dekker is pictured. Pic: Krugersdorp News

A Krugersdorp mother has been reunited with one of her sons, whom she had not seen for 18 years.

When Deon Dekker, 22, started working temporarily at the Alberton Police Station, he was blissfully unaware of his mother trying frantically to make contact with him, Krugersdorp News reported.

For years he had been thinking about his mother, Lindie Becker, 43, and although he knew of her existence, he could not remember what she looked like anymore.

“She looks exactly like I have created her in my mind’s eye,” Deon said.

The sad story of a mother who had lost contact with her two sons recently got a new lease on life when a member of the Alberton police saw a photograph on Facebook. Lindie’s sister, Kristine van Wyk, posted photographs of her two sons on the social network in the hope they would get answers.

“About three weeks ago, somebody at the police station contacted my sister in connection with a man who started working there. They exchanged photos, and it was confirmed that the man was my son,” Lindie said.

She said she and her husband got divorced when their sons were very young, and she married again.

“My ex-husband was granted custody of the boys, and I could still see them over weekends. But one weekend when I went to their house, I was told they had moved.”

That was when she lost contact with her sons. They also moved around a lot, which hampered her search for them.

Her ex-husband passed away in the meantime, and the boys’ grandmother looked after them.

“I didn’t know where they were for years and never stopped thinking about them. Naturally, I was very worried.”

Lindie said when she saw Deon after so many years they had an ecstatic reunion. Kristine had kept everything quiet and surprised her with Deon.

“We had our arms around each other and nearly hugged each other to death. I wanted to hear everything about him, like if he was married and had children, but it seems he is still looking for that special partner.”

Her other son, Andries, is working in Pretoria.

“I’m going to make sure I never lose contact with my children again!”

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