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VIDEO: Dead fish in KZN lagoon investigated

Scores of dead fish littered Toti Lagoon on Monday morning. Pic: South Coast Sun.

Scores of dead fish littered Toti Lagoon on Monday morning. Pic: South Coast Sun.

Investigations are ongoing after scores of fish were killed in the Amanzimtoti river and lagoon, in KwaZulu-Natal, and it is believed to have been a result of pollution in the waterways.

Amanzimtoti environmentalist Jen Adams investigated and took photos of a school of dead fish in the lagoon on Monday morning, March 23, and reported the incident to the Toti Conservancy, South Coast Sun reported.

It is alleged there were also dead fish in the river close to Amanzimtoti Civic Centre.

“At the time there were 11 pelicans and at least 20 woolly-necked storks in the water at the lagoon, but thankfully I did not see any eating the dead fish, which had probably died from some unknown pollution,” Adams said.

“We are fighting an ongoing battle with all types of water pollution coming past the Bird Sanctuary and feeding into Toti lagoon. Let’s hope something is done to protect our environment because this is just totally unacceptable. Something has to change to improve the situation,” Adams added.

Toti Conservancy chairperson Laura Taylor told The Citizen that at this stage it is believed sewerage was not the cause for lagoon contamination, but it is suspected that high dissolved oxygen levels might have been the cause.

Taylor added there had been an oily sheen covering the river.

The numbers of fish that died are probably close to a 1000, said Taylor.

In an email, which The Citizen is in possession of, Taylor suggested to the eThekwini Municipality officials that they open up the mouth to let the lagoon drain and hopefully get some clean seawater in and get rid of all the dead fish.

In the video, a number of dead fish can be seen floating on the surface of the lagoon.

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