South Africa 25.3.2015 09:27 am

Paramedics robbed while on duty

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Three paramedics were held at gunpoint during the early hours of this morning while trying to save the life of a five-year-old girl, ER24 said on Wednesday.

“Shortly after midnight, an ER24 ambulance and rapid response vehicle was dispatched to a house in Khayelitsha, Cape Town, for a five-year-old girl suffering from seizures,” spokesperson Werner Vermaak said.

“The paramedics were busy in the ambulance stabilising the little girl when one of the doors flung open and a gun [was] pointed at them. The mother of the five year old was also in the ambulance at the time of the incident.”

Vermaak said two suspects believed to be in their twenties, demanded cellphones and wallets. One of them then asked for the rapid response vehicle’s key.

“While the paramedics were held at gunpoint in the ambulance, the second suspect went to the rapid response vehicle with the key. It is believed that he used the key to open the vehicle, which was locked at the time, instead of the remote, which caused the emergency sirens to be activated.”

They then fled the scene with the cellphones and a GPS from the ambulance. “Paramedics continued their care for the little girl and transported her to Khayelitsha District Hospital,” Vermaark said.

A case of armed robbery was then opened at the Khayelitsha Police Station. Fortunately no one was injured in this incident.

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