Malema calls on VUT students to make a ‘right choice’

FILE PICTURE: Economic Freedom Fighters leader Julius Malema. Picture: Michel Bega

EFF leader Julius Malema today called on Vaal University of Technology (VUT) students to make the right choice when they vote during the SRC elections tomorrow. 

Malema who received a heroes welcome ahead of his SRC election rally address on Tuesday afternoon made a promise that his party would make sure that they fight for students’ rights even if their SRC candidates do not emerge victorious from Wednesday’s elections.

He said no deserving student should be denied the right to education due to lack of funds. “We as the EFF will fight for you and if we win the elections, the university management must know that we don’t account to anyone but to the masses of our people.

“If we take over VUT she (referring to vice chancellor Irene Moutlana) will never enjoy her stay here…we will make her stay here a nightmare in the same way we have made Parliament a nightmare for Jacob Zuma,” Malema said.

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