NGO condemns bail for ‘child pornographers’

Picture: Thinkstock

Picture: Thinkstock

Women and Men Against Child Abuse (WMACA), a nonprofit organisation that advocates for the rights of children and fights against the abuse of children in South Africa, have expressed strong opposition to bail being granted to the Port Elizabeth couple who were charged with possession and distribution of child porn.

The woman, 22, and man, 33, were arrested by Belgium police in Antwerp. The man and woman appeared in the Port Elizabeth Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday, and were each granted R5 000 bail.

“We at WMACA are utterly appalled that the couple arrested in PE involved in the distribution of images of babies being raped, tortured and murdered have been released on bail,” said WMACA director Miranda Friedmann.

Regarding the danger that child pornographers pose to communities, she said: “They are exploiting families and victims, and they are responsible for changing the fabric of societies as our cultures become increasingly saturated in violent, sexualised representations exacerbating violence-supportive social norms.”

“[We] demand that the South African government prioritises this scourge and puts all its efforts into eradicating these crimes, and we demand that these criminals be extradited and judged by international tribunals in the same way those accused of war crimes and crimes against humanity are,” Friedmann added.

She applauded all the international police services as well as South African Police Service for their commitment to arresting the pornographers.


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