Roos wants to go back to crime intelligence

FILE PICTURE: Members of the South African Police Service.  (Photo by Gallo Images / Foto24 / Theana Breugem)

FILE PICTURE: Members of the South African Police Service. (Photo by Gallo Images / Foto24 / Theana Breugem)

Colonel Kobus Roos wants to be redeployed to the SA Police Service’s crime intelligence unit, the Labour Court in Johannesburg heard on Monday.

“The attitude of my client is that there is an ability to place him in crime intelligence,” advocate Martin Brassey said. Brassey is representing trade union Solidarity, which is representing Roos. Roos, who has worked for the police for 26 years, was originally demoted by ex-crime intelligence boss Richard Mdluli, after he exposed alleged corruption in the crime intelligence unit.

Mdluli removed Roos from his position as head of internal audit and placed him in the inspectorate and evaluation division of the union — a post the union said was redundant.

Solidarity approached the court in order to try and force the police to redeploy Roos in a similar position to his earlier post.

In April, the Labour Court ordered the police to redeploy Roos to a similar position as the one he had before his demotion.

In the court ruling, the police were also ordered to pay Roos R156,250 in compensation, plus costs.

Following the order, SAPS placed Roos in the internal auditing department at its head office, and not within crime intelligence.

Roos and Solidarity are arguing that there was a position available in crime intelligence’s internal auditing office.

Dirk Groenewald, Solidarity’s head of the centre for fair labour practices, testified in the Labour Court on Monday.

Groenewald said Solidarity had evidence, in the form of a letter from national police commissioner Riah Phiyega and a resource allocation guide, that there were three positions available where Roos could be placed in crime intelligence’s internal auditing department.

During a meeting with police officials, Solidarity and Roos were told that Phiyega had instructed that Roos be deployed to head office and not crime intelligence.

The officials indicated that the structure at crime intelligence was being reviewed.

Groenewald said he then attended a meeting with Phiyega where she indicated that Roos could not be redeployed to crime intelligence because there was a personality clash between himself and another brigadier within crime intelligence.

The case continues.

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