Five arrested following farm attack

Picture: Thinkstock

Picture: Thinkstock

Five men have been arrested after a farm attack outside Memel in the Free State.

Police said the incident occurred shortly after 2.30pm yesterday when six suspects entered the farm premises, Newcastle Advertiser reported.

However, farm workers immediately notified authorities, and the men escaped in the farmer’s two vehicles towards Memel.

At Memel, the suspects in the smaller vehicle were reportedly pushed off the road, and gunfire was exchanged between them and police officers. One suspect was injured during the shootout and taken to Vrede hospital by ER24 paramedics.

Three men were reportedly arrested. The last suspect is still at large.

In a separate incident, four people were arrested last month after an attempted farm attack in De Tweedespruit, Cullinan, Gauteng. A farm worker who went to feed the poultry on the farm at about 7am was held at gunpoint and taken to the farmhouse, police spokesperson Johannes Jafta said.

“The owner of the farm looked through the window and was suspicious. He immediately called the other farmers on the radio,” added Jafta.

The gunmen ran away and hid in the bushes, said Jafta. Police were called and during their search one of the men fired a shot, but no one was injured. The four were arrested, and two firearms were recovered.

– Caxton News Service

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