‘Bumper bashing hijacker’s’ photo spreads online

The picture of the "bumper bashing hijacker" circulating on social media. Pic: Twitter.

The photo of a suspected hijacker in Bryanston, Johannesburg continues to spread on social media.

“Beware of this car & person ….involved in attempted hijack in Bryanston area,” Pigspotter tweeted with a picture of a man driving a blue vehicle.

“#ATT The driver of this blue Yaris TNK070GP, modus operandi is to bump your car and as you get out, hijacks you,” he continued.

The driver of the vehicle had allegedly attempted to hijack and kidnap a woman outside Bryanston Primary School last week.

A post on the Akurei Censored Facebook page claimed the man in the vehicle and his accomplices had attempted to hijack and kidnap a woman outside the school last week Thursday at about 1pm.

“Two days later this photo was taken by her husband. She was pistol-whipped multiple times and threatened to have her brains blown out. They took all her jewellery and attempted to enter the vehicle when she took a gap and escaped. What f***ing irritates me is that 2 days later he is in the same place probably doing the same sh**,” the post reads.

Police were unable to comment on the matter.

Arrive Alive had previously stated that most hijackings took place in the driveways of residential areas, as hijackers preferred areas with accessible escape routes.

The following modus operandi were said to be used by hijackers:

  • Hijackings take place while stationed at a traffic sign or intersection.
  • Hijackings take place while stationary next to the road e.g. to answer a cellphone.
  • Hijackings also occur at post offices and parking areas, or you may be followed leaving the filling station with the objective to hijack your vehicle where it is quiet.
  • The hijackers sometimes use a vehicle to force the victim off the road.
  • Hijackings take place at schools when dropping off or picking up children.
  • Hijackings take place while the vehicle is idling when offloading or loading passengers.
  • Hijackings take place when advertising your vehicle for sale (test drive method).
  • Bogus police or traffic officers also conduct hijackings (blue light scenario).

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