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9 Mar 2015
12:20 pm

Former cop given money to arrange murder


Murder-accused Rajivee Soni gave a former policeman Brian Treasurer R150,000 to arrange the murder of doctor Bhavish Sewran, the Pietermaritzburg High Court heard on Monday.

Picture: Thinkstock

Sewran, a former friend of Soni’s, was shot dead as he emerged from his surgery in Pietermaritzburg in May 2013. Soni, 37, had suspected Sewran of having an affair with his wife.

After the murder Soni told State witness Sutendran Naidoo that “God is good and my prayers have been answered”. Naidoo, an alleged accomplice of Soni’s testified that Soni had told him Treasurer would not be able to refuse the offer.

The only condition Soni wanted was that he should be warned when the hit on Sewran was to take place so he could arrange an alibi. Soni allegedly ran a campaign to run Sewran out of Pietermaritzburg by denigrating and harassing him.

Treasurer, who will stand trial for Sewran’s murder later this year, was allegedly the conduit of money to hitmen who agreed to kill Sewran.