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4 Mar 2015
6:03 pm

650 deaths on roads in February


Over 650 people died on South Africa's roads in February, the Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC) said on Wednesday.

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According to a preliminary report the deaths were from 578 crashes recorded between February 1 and 27, it said in the statement.

The most cases were recorded in Gauteng, with 128 fatal crashes resulting in 136 deaths. KwaZulu-Natal was the second highest with 94 fatal crashes and 102 deaths, followed by Mpumalanga (73 crashes, 93 deaths), Eastern Cape (78 crashes, 83 deaths), Limpopo (64 crashes, 80 deaths), Western Cape (49 crashes, 49 deaths), Free State (41 crashes, 46 deaths) and North West (37 crashes, 44 deaths).

The province with the least number of crashes and fatalities was the Northern Cape, with 14 crashes and 20 deaths. The information was obtained from police and traffic authorities.

The highest number of crashes was reported between February 6 and 13, when 162 crashes resulted in 186 deaths. “Efforts are continuously being made to enforce the law, ensure traffic police visibility on the roads and implement a 365 days road safety plan.” The RTMC called on drivers to avoid driving drunk, while on drugs, recklessly, in unroadworthy vehicles, and while using cellphones