Hlabangani Mtshali
1 minute read
4 Mar 2015
8:00 pm

UPDATE: Intimidation case opened against ‘drunk man’

Hlabangani Mtshali

A case of intimidation has been opened after a man allegedly threatened his neighbour with a knife in Sandton, in the north of Johannesburg.

A screenshot of the video showing the man holding a knife while making the threats.

Police spokesperson Constable Matome Tlamela said the case was opened on the day of the incident by the man who was reportedly threatened.

“Police are busy investigating the case, [and] there have been no arrests,” Tlamela said.

A cellphone video clip of the alleged incident shows the knife-wielding man – who appears to be drunk – screaming and swearing at his neighbour.

In an almost incoherent and racially charged diatribe, the man refers to his neighbour as a “boer” before repeatedly threatening to kill him.

“I’m gonna f**king cut your guts out … I come from Soweto,” the man is heard saying.

The woman who filmed the incident said the man had been fighting with his girlfriend in the parking lot of the complex last Friday morning.

The woman and her partner then went to gym and upon returning, the drunk man attempted to shake hands with her boyfriend who declined, Sandton Chronicle reported.

The man apparently felt offended and charged at the boyfriend who pushed him into a nearby bush.

He then came up to the couple with a 30cm knife and started verbally assaulting them.

The accused has been evicted by the body corporate, and is expected to move out of the flat complex.

– Caxton News Service