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4 Mar 2015
8:00 pm

VIDEO: Joburg police officer refuses to open case

CNS Reporter

Video footage shows officers from Douglasdale Police Station in Johannesburg allegedly refusing to let a resident open a case against an officer who refused to identify himself.

A screenshot of the video.

The six-minute video was uploaded on to YouTube on February 28 by Pedro Ramos. In it, a police officer is seen refusing to help the resident open a case against another member, Fourways Review reported.

According to a post on LiveLeak detailing the alleged incident, the unknown man had called police to a restaurant after a patron reportedly skipped on a R175 bill.

One of the officers then allegedly refused to take down a statement, saying the value of the bill was too low for the amount of work the case would need.

“I then request the names of the officers, as they didn’t identify themselves upon arrival. One office gave his name, but the other […] refused to identify himself,” the post said.

The officer then reportedly tried to take the man’s phone after noticing he was being recorded.

The Douglasdale police spokesperson could not be reached for comment. However, the incident is said to be under investigation.

In January, a motorist was allegedly refused by the station commander of Honeydew Police Station after he tried to file a complaint against an officer.

This after he was stopped by a Johannesburg Metro Police officer, who later asked him for a bribe.

In a cellphone video of the incident, the unidentified officer tells the motorist a breathalyser test can be avoided if he pays R200.

The officer later declines to give his badge number when the motorist asks for it.

– Caxton News Service