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4 Mar 2015
4:27 pm

Second DJ testifies in Tibbetts trial


A second DJ was on Wednesday called to testify in the trial against Lindray Khakhu, who is accused of the murder of three-year-old Luke Tibbetts, among other charges.

FILE PICTURE: Lindray Khakhu appears in the Newlands Magistrate's Court in Sophiatown on Tuesday, 12 August 2014 in connection with a shooting in Westbury that critically wounded Luke Tibbetts, a three-year-old boy who later died. Picture: Werner Beukes/SAPA

Sheldon Bowes told the Johannesburg High Court, sitting in Palm Ridge, that he had a knowledge of guns.

“I see guns every day,” he said, explaining that he saw them on police officers and other people with gun licences.

Khakhu is facing 18 charges, including Tibbetts’ murder and the attempted murder of Logan Smith during a street party in June 2013.

Bowes testified about the attempted murder of Smith, one of Bowes’ friends.

He explained what happened on June 8, 2013 when Khakhu allegedly shot and injured Smith, also a DJ.

“I heard a gunshot and then I saw sparks on the wall. Logan screamed. I lifted up his ‘skipper’ (T-shirt) and saw he was shot,” said Bowes.

Being led in his evidence-in-chief by Deon van Wyk, Bowes said it was impossible to think the shot could have come from anyone else but Khakhu.

According to Bowes, Smith had intervened when Khakhu had a confrontation with another boy earlier.

Khakhu later came and joined Smith and Bowes near the DJ stand.

“He came back with a gun in his hand. I said nothing about the gun. Logan told him to put it away,” said Bowes.

He explained that the weapon looked like a CZ75 pistol.

Smith earlier told the court Khakhu arrived at the party looking like he wanted a fight. He stopped him from fighting and called him to join his group.

Khakhu later left and stood with his girlfriend. He then allegedly fired a shot at Smith, wounding him in the lower back.

Smith gave no reasons why Khakhu would have wanted to shoot him. The two were neighbours and had never feuded before.

Khakhu has denied all charges against him, including the murder of Tibbetts. The boy was shot while sitting on his mother’s lap in a car, when Khakhu allegedly shot at another car whose occupant, Keenan Mokwena, he was allegedly aiming at. Mokwena was injured.

The case continues.


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