CNS Reporter/Julie Maule
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4 Mar 2015
11:18 am

Three arrested following high-speed chase

CNS Reporter/Julie Maule

Three men have been arrested in a high-speed chase after a house robbery on Peggy Vera Road, Kibler Park, in Johannesburg.

The suspects were apprehended and arrested. Pic: Comaro Chronicle.

It is believed a resident saw three men breaking into the house and followed the suspects, who were driving a white bakkie, on Monday. Once he had established the direction they were travelling in, he contacted the police, Comaro Chronicle reported.

Members of the Soweto Flying Squad waited for the suspects’ car along Eikenhof Road.

When one of the police officers tried to stop the suspects’ vehicle, the driver drove straight at the officers, aiming to knock them over, police said.

The officers fired shots at the suspects, who lost control of their vehicle and hit a wall.

All three suspects, aged between 36 and 46 years, were treated for minor injuries and arrested, police said.

The belongings stolen during the housebreaking were found in their possession, and they were arrested for possession of suspected stolen property, housebreaking and theft.

In a separate incident, two suspects were arrested, while another escaped, after a high-speed chase on the P91 highway in Kempton Park, Gauteng last month.

The two suspects were arrested in connection with the possession of stolen property yesterday when they were found driving in a stolen car.

Sebenza police spokesperson Constable Sharon Tshotshothso said police were patrolling the area when they spotted the speeding Toyota bakkie, followed by a white BMW, and gave chase.

The bakkie was brought to a standstill near Greenstone, where the two men tried to make a getaway, Tshotshotsho added.

Police fired a warning shot, after which the men were arrested.

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