Facebook video bullies expelled from school

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The three pupils who were suspended following a Facebook video depicting them beating up their fellow school mate have been expelled.

The incident occurred at Umlazi, Vukuzakhe High school.

The governing body held a tribunal on Thursday to discuss the matter further. The outcome of the tribunal ended in the expulsion of the three school girls.

The video which made the rounds on Facebook shows two school girls approaching another girl sitting on a bed. They push her to the floor and start kicking her. This is believed to have been due to an incident that had happened earlier.

The incident happened last year September when the girl who was beaten up was in grade 8 and the girls expelled in grade 10.

According to Media liaison Officer for the MEC Education in Kwazulu Natal Isaac Luthuli, the Kwazulu Natal Department of Education was only made aware of the video recently.

“The students who were suspended have now been expelled following the tribunal yesterday [Thursday]” confirmed Luthuli.

According to Acts Online, a governing body may, if a learner is found guilty of serious misconduct during the disciplinary proceedings contemplated on section 8:

a) Impose the suspension of such learner for a period not longer than seven school days or any other sanction contemplated in the code of conduct of the public school or

b) Make a recommendation to the Head of the Department to expel such learner from the public school

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