Baby cut on the head during C-section

The wound to the baby's head. Pic: Lowvelder.

A young couple has been left traumatised after their baby girl was cut on the head during a C-section delivery at the Rob Ferreira Hospital in Mbombela, Mpumalanga.

The man had taken his wife (22) to the hospital after she went into labour last week, Lowvelder reported.

The man said personnel started with the C-section when he suddenly heard the doctor say: “You’ve cut the head”.

“I could see blood dripping from my daughter’s head, but the doctor assured me that it was only a small cut,” he said.

The baby had to receive four stitches.

The following day, he requested a nurse to bring the child to them, and they saw that the stitches had been covered up with a plaster.

“When we took it off, we saw that two of the stitches had come loose. The cut was much deeper than we initially thought,” he said.

A doctor closed the wound again with five stitches.

“The birth of a baby is supposed to be a joyous time in your life, but we had a horrible encounter. We’ve always wanted children, but doubt that we will put ourselves through such torment again,” he said.

Department of Health spokesperson Dumisani Malamule confirmed the baby’s head was mistakenly cut with a scalpel during the procedure.

“The C-section was performed by two qualified medical officers. We are investigating the incident, and corrective steps will be taken against the officials responsible for this mishap,” he said.

This after a Limpopo mother was awarded R120 000 damages after the horror birth of her baby at the Matlala Hospital in Tsimanyane.

The woman alleged the hospital staff had treated her without any compassion, resulting in mutilation and permanent damage to her sexual organ and severe psychological trauma, leading to depression, paranoia and a phobia of hospitals.

– Caxton News Service

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