Alex Mitchley
1 minute read
12 Feb 2015
5:45 pm

DA MP arrested with ‘extreme force’ (VIDEO)

Alex Mitchley

As politicians and other high profile figures strut their stuff on the red carpet just before the State of the Nation address, members of the DA were arrested, allegedly with force, while protesting, allegedly peacefully, in Cape Town.

DA MP being led to a police van. Picture: Donnae ‏@Swannie1 Twitter

DA national spokesperson Phumzile Van Damme said a bunch of DA activists were standing along a barricade in Adderly Street when police used extreme force, water cannons and batons to disperse the crowd.

According to Van Damme, they were protesting for a number of things, including that President Jacob Zuma listen to the people.

Among those arrested, including Van Damme’s counterpart, DA national spokesperson Marius Redelinghuys and DA Cape Town chairperson Shaun August.

August is pictured in the video being dragged and forcibly carried away by police.
Van Damme said their lawyers were already on the way to the police station to demand the release of their members.