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12 Feb 2015
5:42 pm

Man accused of raping teenager


A man accused of raping his neighbour's 15-year-old daughter accused her of framing him because he would not give her his Blackberry phone, the Tonga Regional Court heard on Thursday.

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Vasco Mabila, 19, of KaMaqhekeza, pleaded not guilty to rape, a Sapa correspondent reported.

He testified that he did not rape or have sex with the complainant, but accused her of seducing him.

He said he had slept at her house because her father, who was his friend, had invited him to sleep over.

“The victim’s father asked me to sleep in his room so that he could use mine to sleep with his girlfriend,” he told the court.

He said the girl came to her father’s bedroom, where Mabila was sleeping, and asked for beer.

“She grabbed my 750ml bottle of Black Label beer and drank all of it. Then, after that, she started kissing me while sitting on my lap,” Mabila told the court.

He said she asked him to give her his Blackberry cellphone, and started kissing him when he refused.

“I did kiss her back, but we didn’t have sex as I was afraid that if her father could find out he would be angry with me,” he said.

Magistrate Edgar Moletsane postponed the case to Friday for judgment.