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12 Feb 2015
4:49 pm

53 beggars, traders taken off Joburg streets


Metro police took 53 people off the streets of Johannesburg on Thursday as part of a newly established operation aimed at making the city safer.

Picture: Thinkstock

“The offenders included street traders, beggars and window-washers,” said Chief Superintendent Wayne Minnaar.

A blind man and a man in a wheelchair were also rounded up.

“The department of social services will assist by taking the beggars to a shelter,” he said.

Street traders and window-washers were taken to Johannesburg central police station where they were charged with contravening city bylaws.

“As the operation will continue, there will be action taken against those individuals who continue to break the law.”

Operation Ke Molao was launched at the department of public safety’s Johannesburg headquarters on Wednesday.