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7 Feb 2015
10:18 am

Baby Jamie’s murder case postponed


The case against a mother and daughter accused of murdering toddler Jamie Naidoo has been postponed in the Chatsworth Magistrate's Court.

Picture: Thinkstock

According to the Saturday Star, magistrate Busisiwe Lilly Mpungose on Friday postponed it to March 19 for further investigation.

The two were charged for allegedly beating the toddler to death at their home in Chatsworth’s Havenside area in November.

Last month, Mpungose ordered Salatchee Venilla Basanich, 55, and her daughter Patricia Kershie Ishwarlal, 31, to undergo mental evaluation at the Fort Napier mental health facility.

The court was told that Ishwaral, the baby’s mother, had sustained head injuries during a car accident in 2001, leading to the drastic impairment of her basic functions.

A curator’s report presented to the Road Accident Fund in 2004 stated that Ishwarlal displayed childlike tendencies, saying that her speech was akin to that of a young child.

They are due back in court on March 19.