Child sex case to resume

Picture: Thinkstock

Picture: Thinkstock

The trial of a Durban doctor accused of running a brothel with young girls is expected to resume in the Durban Regional Court on Monday.

Dr Genchen Rugnath and Sandile Patrick Zweni, the man accused of running a string of prostitutes from his hotel, had a fallout over a R20 fee the girls were charged for bringing clients to the hotel, the court heard last month.

Rugnath is charged along with his wife Ravina, Zweni, Nonduzo Dlamini and Bhabha Dubazini.

They have all pleaded not guilty to 156 charges, including assault, rape, sexual exploitation of a child, and racketeering.

Veena Budhram, former manager of the Inn Town Lodge and the Down Town Lodge in Durban, told the court at the last court appearance that the women had to pay “an additional amount of R20 apart from the room amount being paid”.

This would allow the women to use the rooms for two hours, but then Zweni stopped paying the money.


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