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31 Jan 2015
9:05 am

UPDATE: Cops shot during hostage situation

Citizen Reporter

In the early hours of Saturday morning, two police officers were shot and killed in an alleged hostage situation at the Johannesburg Central Police Station. 

Picture: Thinkstock

The detainee was allegedly brought into the Booysens holding cells after being arrested for illegal possession of dagga.

After shooting the two police officers, the man is believed to have turned the gun on himself.

SABC reported that the hostage situation began around 11pm on Friday night and lasted for five hours.

A third police officer managed to escape and sounded the alarm.

Other officers on duty are leaving the station to allow a task team to take over.

Police said details about the shooting incident will follow as soon as there is more information.

However, the death of three people have been confirmed.

More to follow as the news unfolds.