Spraypaint attackers denied bail

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Two men charged with breaking a man’s arm with an axe and then spraypainting him head to toe were denied bail by the Pietermaritzburg Magistrate’s Court on Thursday.

Avikar Lutchman, 27, and Shadrack Wayne Naidoo, 28, are charged with the attempted murder of Malawian citizen Bilaz Asan, who was taken to hospital after the assault on January 7.

Doctors and nurses spent time trying to clean the paint off some critical areas.

The two are also charged with aggravated assault of Landren Chetty by hitting him with a pipe and the assault of a girl of 17 years by slapping her and pulling her hair.

All the alleged assaults took place in Violet Street, Pietermaritzburg.

Magistrate Ashin Singh said the crimes were serious and induced a sense of shock. It was not in the interests of justice that they be granted bail.

He said they failed to take the court into their confidence by applying for bail on affidavit forms and their release would undermine the criminal justice system.

Lutchman and Naidoo were remanded in custody to March 12.

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