Girl (5) saves mother from fire

The Chatsworth home was damaged extensively during the fire. Pic: Rising Sun Chatsworth.

A young girl bravely saved her mother from a house fire in the Westcliff area of Chatsworth, Durban.

Kiara Sujnarain (5) began screaming to alert her mother during the fire on Monday night, Rising Sun Chatsworth reported.

“Hearing her screams, my wife went into the room and was shocked to find that the room was on fire,” the girl’s father Adhir Sujnarain said.

The mother, Samantha Sujnarain, allegedly grabbed her two-year-old son and the girl, and took them outside before returning to the house to retrieve her cellphone.

“When [my wife] went back inside, the door had slammed and the handle had broken off,” the father added.

The young girl then allegedly managed to push the door open from the outside and rescued her mother.

According to a neighbour who was at the scene, the fire department took quite a while to arrive at the scene.

“Someone had to personally go to the station and ask them for assistance. We are grateful that no one was killed in the fire,” the neighbour said.

The cause of the fire remains unknown.

On Christmas Day, a man burnt to death when his shack was set alight in Lenasia in the south of Johannesburg.

According to police, the door of the man’s shack was blocked from outside, preventing him from escaping.

Cases of murder and arson were later opened by police.

– Caxton News Service

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