Pretoria school accused of racial segregation

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A school in Pretoria has been accused of assigning pupils to classes based on their race.

Almost 30 parents at the school reportedly signed a petition demanding an explanation from the Curro Roodeplaat Private School, Eye Witness News reported on Thursday.

In the petition, parents urged the school to act in accordance with the country’s Constitution, EWN reported.

Regional Manager at Curro Holdings André Pollard denied that the school was racially segregating its pupils.

“It is not because we would like to segregate the whites, it is just because of friends. Children are able to make friends with children of their culture,” he told the broadcaster.

Parents reportedly wanted to know why some classes were made up of only black children, while the white pupils were kept together.

Pollard told the broadcaster that the number of white pupils at the school was very small, therefore the school was trying to keep them together.

Once there were 12 or more white children, they would separate them equally into the classes, he was quoted saying.

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