Tshwane police appear in court

The pair had been charged with stock theft. Photo: Supplied

Two metro police officers who allegedly threatened to shoot a three-year-old girl appeared in the Pretoria Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday, Gauteng police said.

The case against one of officers was postponed to Thursday, Colonel Noxolo Kweza said.

The case against the other officer was withdrawn as he was not directly involved in the incident.

The pair, aged 35 and 39, faced charges of attempted murder, corruption and armed robbery, Lt-Gen Solomon Makgale said earlier on Wednesday.

The Star reported on Tuesday that one of the officers unclipped his gun, raised his voice and told the child: “If you don’t keep quiet, I’ll shoot you.”

She had started to cry when the officer asked her mother for a bribe, after the woman told him she did not have a driving licence.

According to the report, when the woman said she did not have money, the officer took between R80 and R90 in change out of the ashtray in the car.

The second officer was allegedly making remarks in the background and was holding his firearm in the presence of the woman and child, Makgale said.

The woman then reportedly drove off and told her parents about the incident and together with her father, they returned to the scene.

When the officers noticed the woman’s car, they initially drove off.

However, the woman and her father followed the officers and they eventually got out of the car.

Asked about the incident, the officer admitted to threatening the child and said he did so to keep her quiet.

The two were arrested on Tuesday.

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