Four boys killed in fire

Crime stock

Crime stock

Four boys died at Kunokatana Location in Willowvale after the hut they were sleeping in allegedly caught fire, Eastern Cape police said on Wednesday.

Sixolele Mgedle, 15, Zezona Mgedle, 14, Ndalo Mgedle, 16, and Ndoda Buqwana, 17, had fallen asleep in the hut of an initiate, said Captain Jackson Manatha in a statement.

They had allegedly gone to visit the initiate, but he was not in his hut. The boys then slept in the hut.

“It is suspected and believed that the boys might have [had a] fire inside the hut and fell asleep without extinguishing the fire,” said Manatha.

“It is suspected the hut, which is traditionally made of grass, might have caught fire while the boys were asleep.”

No foul play was suspected, but the police had opened an inquest docket for further investigation.


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