Iain Pattullo
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12 Dec 2014
2:57 pm

Abandoned newborn baby found alive between rubbish

Iain Pattullo

An abandoned newborn baby boy has been found wrapped in a black plastic bag, surrounded by beer bottles and rubbish in a Standerton park.

The baby was found in good health, but dehydrated in River Park in Standerton. Pic: Standerton Advertiser.

Police spokesperson Lieutenant Fanie Nhlabathi confirmed that the child had been found two days after he was born in the Standerton Hospital on December 1, Standerton Advertiser reported.

“(The child’s mother) apparently told the nursing staff that she did not want the baby, but was discharged with her newborn on December 3,” said Nhlabathi.

A municipal worker later found the baby in good health, but dehydrated in River Park.

The baby was taken to the Trauma Care Centre and later handed over to a police social worker to be placed in a place of safety.

The child’s mother had been arrested, and a case of neglect was opened, Nhlabathi confirmed.

Crisis Centre of the South African Women’s Federation social worker Hanlie Brits said there was no excuse for abandoning newborn babies.

“All you have to do, if you cannot fend for your child, is bring the baby to the centre and put it up for adoption,” said Brits.

“There is a waiting list for parents wanting to adopt, but there are not enough children to be adopted. You can take the child to the hospital and they will bring the baby to us.”

Brits said many pregnant school girls often hide their pregnancies from their parents and dispose of the baby without anyone knowing about it.

She added that the problem could be that such women hide the pregnancy until the last moment, and when the baby arrives, it is too late to do anything about it. That is when the baby is abandoned.

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