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12 Dec 2014
11:02 am

Boys rescued from flooding river


Paramedics responding to an emergency call found the boys, aged eight to 18, standing on rocks in the middle of the river on Thursday, said spokesman Robert Mckenzie.

Flood waters. Image courtesy Stock.xchng

“Trouble started when four of the boys tried to cross the river, which was at normal level, but when they were about halfway through it, there was a flash flood and the water started to rapidly rise and the current became very strong,” he said

He said the other five boys were stranded while trying to rescue them.

Paramedics called the police search and rescue division for assistance.

“A member of the police rescue team had to hike up the river before entering the rapidly flowing water and swimming to each child to pull them to safety,” said Mckenzie.

“This was an exhausting rescue for the rescue swimmer, and it took several hours to rescue all nine boys.”

The boys were examined by paramedics and were all in good health. They decided they wanted to go home rather than to hospital because they were hungry and tired.