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28 Nov 2014
1:35 pm

Koch in court, Hofmeyr tweets on

Alex Mitchley

While political commentator puppet Chester Missing and his handler Conrad Koch were fighting a gag order sought by Steve Hofmeyr on Thursday, the Afrikaans singer took to Twitter with yet another highly controversial tweet.

Puppeteer Conrad Koch and his puppet Chester Missing sit in court, 27 November 2014, at the Randburg Magistrate’s court in Johannesburg. Koch allegedly attacked and defamed Steve Hofmeyr on social media following a tweet that Hofmeyr published that read "Sorry to offend but in my books blacks were the architects of apartheid. Go figure." Activist Dan Roodt then filed an interim protection order which was hear in court. Picture: Alaister Russell

“To be against apartheid in its entirety is to be pro more rape of white women. I am against human rights violations,” Hofmeyr tweeted.

The tweet caused a stir on social media as well as incited a racial debate.

While twitter raged on about the tweet and the now infamous #puppetcase, inside the Randburg Magistrates’ Court a case of freedom of speech, protected expression and opposing racism was made.

Magistrate Naren Sewnarain said he was not satisfied that Steve Hofmeyr should be afforded protection in terms of the harassment act and that remarks the singer made were in fact racial invectives.

He added that Hofmeyr exposed himself to criticism, satire and ridicule, and that he agreed with Conrad Koch’s defence that Koch had a right to campaign against Hofmeyr’s remarks.

Roodt argued on Hofmeyr’s behalf that Koch was harassing the singer and was causing him mental grief as well as financial loss.

The court dismissed the interim protection order and added insult to injury and further ordered that Hofmeyr and his representative in court, activist Dan Roodt, to pay Koch’s advocate costs, as well as the cost of the application.

Chester Missing gets ‘klapped’ after court case (video)

The order had barred Koch from tagging or mentioning Hofmeyr on social media, or in television and radio interviews.

The court’s decision follows a Twitter battle between Koch, tweeting as Missing, and Hofmeyr over one of the latter’s tweets published on the social media site in October.

“Sorry to offend but in my books blacks were the architects of apartheid. Go figure,” he tweeted.

Upon leaving the court, with Chester Missing no longer gagged, he hit out at Roodt, who, in turn, hit the puppet.

Missing said he may have open a case now as he had been “klapped”.

Roodt, who was visibly incensed, said the “boere would not be silenced”.


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