CNS reporter/Yoshini Perumal and Nikita Chiniah
1 minute read
28 Nov 2014
2:50 pm

Murder suspected in Chatsworth pet shop ‘suicide’

CNS reporter/Yoshini Perumal and Nikita Chiniah

The body of an employee at a shop in Chatsworth Centre, KwaZulu-Natal was found hanging in the staff toilet.

Hangman Noose

The man, had been identified  as Pets and Leisure employee Brendon Devdas, who worked at the pet shop since he was a scholar, Rising Sun Chatsworth reported.

The pet lover, had allegedly hung himself with a dog collar yesterday.

The owner of the pet shop said Devdas did not show any signs of depression, and that there was no change in his behavior to indicate he had “unbearable troubles”.

“I believe that he was murdered because the dog collar he was found hanging with, is not from our shop and the way his body was found, makes me suspicious. His cell phone was missing, which is also another thing to be suspicious about,” said the shop owner.

“He told me that he would be leaving for lunch break while we were at mosque, and that he would purchase an item from Checkers for me during his break. He seemed fine when we spoke earlier. I know him from the time he was in school,” the owner added.

Leon Govender, who had been friends with Devdas for the past eleven years, described the deceased as a very down to earth person.

“I cannot believe that he had taken his own life,” said Govender.

Last month, a man’s body was found hanging on a tree in an open plot in Glen Austin in Midrand.

Police found a black rope tied around the man’s neck.

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