CNS Reporter/Kristian Meijer
1 minute read
18 Nov 2014
3:55 pm

A new car theft trend emerges (video)

CNS Reporter/Kristian Meijer

There is an alleged increase in criminals targeting people as they park their cars in Johannesburg and Pretoria.

A screen grab of footage showing a thief passing by and slyly opening the car's rear passenger door. Photo: YouTube

A private investigator from Intelligence Bureau SA said there had been an alarming increase in criminals jamming remotes and targeting unsuspecting women in parking lots, Rekord Centurion reported.

This after a video emerged of a woman’s car being robbed by a man employing this modus operandi.

In the viral video, a woman is seen parking her car at a petrol station while a man hangs around the vehicle just as she drives into the parking space.

As she exits her car, he opens the rear left-hand door –unbeknownst to the woman – and casually saunters off.

The woman then presses the lock on her car, assuming that it has locked, and walks away.

After a short while, the man returns, opens the car door and takes what looks like a laptop bag.

It is unclear where and when the footage was captured.

“They operate like the man in the video, or they pull up next to a person in a parking area. In the case of the latter, there are a few offenders,” the private investigator said.

“One will reach out from the passenger side and open the door to the car, only ever so slightly, just enough to ensure that the door doesn’t lock.” he added.

In October, a video showing a woman being brutally attacked by two armed robbers in Killarney, north of Johannesburg went viral.

The video, taken from CCTV footage, showed a dark-haired woman being dragged from the vehicle by two unknown men and subsequently assaulted at a residential complex.

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