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18 Nov 2014
12:31 pm

Missing Marilyn Massyn found in Japanese jail

Citizen Reporter

The Department of International Relations and Cooperation (Dirco) continues to liaise with Japanese officials in a bid to establish why Marilyn Massyn from Krugersdorp was arrested.

Marilyn Massyn has been found in a Japanese jail after being arrested last week. Pic: Facebook.

Massyn (36) was found in a Japanese jail after being arrested last week, according to the department.

Departmental spokesperson Nelson Kgwete told Eyewitness News: “Officials in our mission are keeping contact with the woman’s family and are rendering constant assistance. This includes providing up-to-date information of the status of the case against her and her condition.”

After Massyn lost contact with her mother Angie in October, her mother posted on Facebook: “please help me find my daughter, Marilyn Massyn. She left for Abu Dhabi on Wednesday 22nd October, and has not returned.”

The post was shared by more than 3 500 people.

Angie Massyn would not comment on the status of her daughter’s case this morning, or her condition.

“We haven’t had any more information from the department. There’s nothing more to report. I have no comment,” she said.