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24 Aug 2013
11:01 am

Police station agreement reached

The landlord of the Newcastle police station premises and the public works department have reached an agreement to re-open the station, the department said on Saturday.

“The agreement comes after the landlord locked these premises on Tuesday, August 20 2013,” it said in a statement. “The dispute arose after the landlord wanted the month-to-month rentals, which have been in force since 2010, to be increased in line with the inflation rate.”

The increased rent was implemented after the original lease agreement had expired. On Monday, the Newcastle Advertiser reported that the town’s organised crime unit, its dog unit and its public order policing unit were evicted after the public works department failed to pay the rent.

According to the report, locks were changed and members of the three units as well as the police vehicle workshop unit were locked out of the premises when the sheriff served eviction notices.

Some 200 police officers and 15 dogs were affected. The department said during negotiations, the landlord wanted it to grant him a five year lease extension in exchange for forfeiting the increase. However, the department offered the landlord a 12-month extension.

“In terms of the new agreement, the department has undertaken to pay out the inflationary increase backdated to 2010 and offered the landlord a three-year contract,” the department said.