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11 Nov 2014
5:43 pm

Hout Bay Cape Cobra sighting confirmed

Citizen Reporter

Hout Bay residents continue to be baffled following the release of photographs of a large Cape Cobra, estimated to be around 1.8 metres long, on the popular beach.

The snake was seen on a beach in Hout Bay on Sunday. Pic: Jeffrey Rink.

Clinical psychologist Jeffrey Rink had taken pictures of the snake on Sunday which later went viral on social media.

“Walking on Hout Bay Beach this past Sunday… Came across this Cape Cobra. Ensured its safety, and that of beach walkers and dogs,” said Rink when posting the pictures on Facebook.

 Hout Bay Cape Cobra rescued (video)


Hout Bay Cape Cobra rescued (video)

“Eventually managed to ‘herd’ it to safety on the grassed dunes about 100 meters away. Quite a privileged sighting. My wilderness skills being useful here so close to home,” he added.

Video footage of the cobra, recorded by Rink, further authenticated the sighting.

In the footage, beach-goers are seen throwing sand and stones at the cobra in an attempt to herd it to safety.

The picture of the black mamba, supposedly taken in Nelspruit, is a fake.

The picture of the black mamba, supposedly taken in Nelspruit, is a fake.

Earlier this year, an image of a 6.5m Black Mamba that claimed to have been taken in Nelspruit, Mpumalanga went viral on social media. later debunked the picture, which first came into their mailbox in 2011.

The site listed all the places the snake’s picture was supposedly taken, including the US and Australia.

Twitter users react to the pictures of the snake