Hlabangani Mtshali
1 minute read
11 Nov 2014
2:57 pm

Racist video brawlers banned from Cape Town mall (video)

Hlabangani Mtshali

The two individuals involved in an alleged racially charged altercation in Green Point, Cape Town have been banned from the shopping centre, the mall’s management confirmed today.

A screen grab of a video uploaded on YouTube on Sunday has gone viral. The video shows a fight between two men in a shopping centre after one called the other the k-word. Photo: YouTube

The alleged incident took place last week Thursday at the Cape Quarter shopping centre, and was captured on cellphone video which went viral after being posted on YouTube.

“We do not condone racism and we do not condone violence,” a spokesperson for the mall’s management told The Citizen.

The incident was believed to have started after one of the men, seemingly drunk, called the other the k-word near an ATM.

In the video, the men are seen shouting at and pushing each other while a third man and a security guard try to intervene.

One of the men then knocks the other down before punching and knocking him unconscious with a kick to the head.

The men were later removed from the premises and subsequently banned from the shopping centre.

“The safety of our shoppers is a priority and cases like these will not be taken lightly,” Cape Quarter said yesterday on their Facebook page.

Cape Quarter’s management said it would be willing to cooperate with police if need be; however, the incident was not reported to police.

“There were allegations the men reported the incident to the police, but neither of them have gone to the police,” the centre’s management said.

Speaking to The Citizen, Sea Point police confirmed no case has been opened and the incident was not reported.

In a similar incident, a Cape Town man was allegedly beaten by an unidentified white motorist while on his way to work on Sunday.

According to police, Muhammed Makungwa was nearly knocked down and then allegedly beaten with a sjambok.