Patient commits suicide at Centurion hospital

Picture: Thinkstock

Picture: Thinkstock

A patient at Netcare Unitas Hospital in Centurion, near Pretoria committed suicide on Saturday evening.

The 68-year-old man jumped from a staircase on the second floor of the hospital, Rekord Cenurion reported.

“On behalf of the staff and management of the hospital we wish to convey our sincere sympathies to the family and loved ones of the patient” said Robert Jordaan, general manager of Netcare Unitas.

“We have been asked by the family not to disclose any further information and we respect their wishes,” he added.

The man allegedly jumped from the second floor, down a spiral staircase which leads to the basement level.

A staff member of the hospital reportedly tried to stop the man, but he jumped nonetheless, nearly dragging her down with him. Some of the staircase’s glass shattered on impact.

Casualty doctors at the hospital attended to the man, but he died in the early hours of Sunday morning in the trauma intensive care unit.

The reason for his suicide is unknown.

Last year, a patient was thought to have committed suicide at Helen Joseph Tertiary Hospital in Johannesburg after jumping from the seventh floor.

The man was brought to the hospital’s accident and emergency unit after he was believed to have drunk herbal medicine and excessive alcohol at his home.

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